April 1, 2020

COVID-19 Update

Jenny McGregor

In these unprecedented times, FlowZone is making every effort to ensure that our employees and customers are treated with the utmost urgency and safety. As such, our warehouses are fully operational and our website is open for online orders.

Due to a rise in demand, there will be an increase in processing time from our normal 24 hour turnaround time. Nonetheless, our warehouse is working hard to ensure every order is delivered within a reasonable timeline. Please contact us at orders@fzspray.com if you have questions about shipping and tracking for your order.

Furthermore, as a delivery system for various sanitization products, we feel compelled to share recommendations helpful in slowing the spread and minimizing the impact of such a virus.

At times like these, we lean on the expertise of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The following is their recommendations for effective disinfection:

Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected daily. If surfaces are dirty, clean with detergent or soap and water prior to disinfecting.To Disinfect:Most common EPA-registered household disinfectants will work. When selecting a disinfectant, make sure it is suitable for the surface you are using it on.

Options include:

Diluting household bleach*

  • use 5 tablespoons (1/3 cup) of bleach per gallon of water

Alcohol solutions

  • to be effective, make sure the solution contains at least 70% alcohol

Other common EPA-registered household disinfectants

  • follow manufacturer's instructions for all products

*follow manufacturer's instructions for application and proper ventilation. Make sure the bleach is not past its expiration date and never mix household bleach with ammonia or other cleanser.

Thank you for your continued support of FlowZone battery-powered sprayers. We are happy to support many different locales and individuals to aid in disinfecting schools, churches, businesses, homes, etc.

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