Battery-Powered Sprayers: The Perks

When it comes to sprayers, not much has changed in years. Which is why, this is the perfect time to transform an industry. #DumpthePump™ and find out why pros and homeowners are switching to lithium-ion sprayers.

Discover an unbeatable flow rate

The lithium-ion battery allows the #sprayer to maintain a constant spraying pressure. In turn, the sprayer is able to efficiently eject 0.66 gallons of content per hour. Instead of stopping in the middle of a job to pump, you can now work consistently until the job is done! With batteries lasting up to 2.5 hours during continuous spraying, it's now easier than ever to focus and move quickly from task to task.

Do more with flexible pressure settings

With the ability to seamlessly switch from low to high pressure settings, your sprayer is now compatible with a range of applications. From power-washing your car to applying insecticide to greenery, the possibilities are numerous.

Drive productivity with options

Our lithium-ion sprayers come with interchangeable nozzles and wands to adjust to whatever the job requires. Whether you need to clear out ice and snow or administer fertilizers, FlowZone sprayers have the capabilities to keep up with your unique needs.

Designed for continuous improvement

Technology gets better every year. With that in mind, battery-powered sprayers are only becoming more and more efficient. From battery longevity to spraying power, in the near future, the hinderances and frustrations of your job are going to be forgotten thanks to semi-automatic spraying technology.

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