Discover the convenience of constant pressue with battery powered spraying at the pull of the trigger with FlowZone® backpack sprayers.

Perfect for spot spraying, our sprayers require no manual pumping and spray up to 85 gallons per battery charge.
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verified reviews

Great value for the money!!!
"I bought this to do lawn spaying and pesticides. This product works exceptionally well! You will use every last drop out of the tank unlike most other spray tanks! You may have approximately 1/2 cup of product left in the tank when finished. I take a lot of pride in my lawn an this is the right tool for the job all day every day! Thanks FlowZone for a genuine product for the money I have had it about 3 months and have run at minimum 115 tanks through hasn’t let me down yet battery is superb as well used all day and still had 1/3 battery left!"
Worth every penny
"Durable, functional, quality parts. Exactly what I wanted and worth the price. The first time you use it you’ll be glad you bought it. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for with this unit. Just do it and move on to your next project."
Excellent Backpack
"I like almost everything about this backpack. The harness is thick and comfortable. The construction and design is simple and solid. It generates excellent pressure.The spray wand is awesome with those quick connects."
Battery life is professional level
"Best backpack sprayer I have used. Only regret is I should have bought it sooner. I own a lawn care company and by far the best purchase this year."
Samuel M.

why is flowzone® the best battery powered sprayer?

shoutout of five position dial on flowzone backpack sprayer

constant & consistent
spaying pressure

Introducing the all-new “5-Position Variable Pressure” system. With five fixed dial positions, you can lock into any of 5 desired flow rates / pressure settings to consistently and accurately control your output.

TRI-ZONE™ lithium-ion battery technology

Spray continuously for over 3 hours with 3X protection
battery technology so that you never have to worry about:

1. Overheating - cuts current if temperature becomes too hot

2. Over charging - will stop charging at 100% charge level

3. Voltage protection - will not accept higher amperage input

flowzone tri-zone battery exploded view
walking through garden with backpack sprayer

convenient & hassle-free
backpack mobility

Avoid the unwinding / winding of long hoses fom your spray rig for smaller yards or hard-to-access backyards. With a backpack sprayer, simply throw it on your back and you're on your way to spray!

heavy-duty components for every day durability

1. - Snap-lock protective battery cover
2. - 1/2 Gallon markers
3. - Pressure-washer style spray gun assembly
4. - Brass quick-connectors
5. - Stainless-steel spray wand
6. - UV-resistant PVC hose with bend protection
7. - Nozzle pouch
8. - Easy-spin tank lid
9. - Lift handle
10. - ComfortStraps™
11. - 5-Position variable pressure dial

flowzone backpack sprayer features

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