Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the Typhoon and the Cyclone?

The difference between the Typhoon and Cyclone units lie in the pump and battery. The Typhoon has a maximum deadhead pressure of 115 psi and a 5.2Ah Lithium-ion Battery. The Cyclone, on the other hand, has a maximum deadhead pressure of 60 psi and a 2.6Ah Lithium-ion Battery.

What is the difference between dual-pressure and variable-pressure?

The dual-pressure sprayers (e.g. Typhoon 2, Storm 2 PRO, etc.) have a rocker switch that allows you to switch the sprayer to high or low pressure. The variable-pressure sprayers (e.g. Typhoon 2V, Cyclone 2V, etc.) have a power dial that allows you to set your speed anywhere from 7 PSI (free-flow pressure) to the sprayer’s max psi. As such, the variable-pressure sprayers allow more control over your PSI and flow rate.

Which sprayer should I choose?

Each of our sprayers are versatile and can be used for most applications. However, different industries prefer different sprayers:

  • Pest Control Operators tend to prefer the Typhoon series, as they have a higher PSI rating which allows for a further spray distance and a higher flow rate.
  • Turf and Ornamental Companies tend to prefer the Cyclone series, as the extra pressure is typically not necessary, and the lower PSI setting can be useful when treating delicate plants.
  • Cleaning Professionals tend to prefer the Storm 2 Pro, as it offers the lower flow rate of the Cyclone series and are small enough to easily maneuver indoors.

What comes with each sprayer?

Included accessories may differ depending on the sprayer. However, each sprayer comes with a battery, charger, nozzles, wand, spray handle, and wand holster(s).

Should I buy spare batteries?

Depending on the pressure setting being used, our batteries tend to last for about two hours of continuous spraying. It is unlikely for the battery to run out of power during one day’s work. However, having a spare battery can be useful in case of an unforeseen incident such as losing the battery, the battery being accidentally damaged, etc.

Which battery/charger/replacement part do I need to purchase for my sprayer?

Please refer to your operation manual for compatible replacement parts and accessories.

Are FlowZone sprayers electrostatic?

Our sprayers are not electrostatic. However, they have proven to be very successful in the Cleaning Industry due to their uniform spray pattern and continuous flow rate.

Can I use water-soluble granules in the sprayer?

Absolutely. In order to avoid clogging the inlet filter and/or pump, we simply ask our customers to thoroughly mix the product in an appropriate container before putting it into the sprayer. If re-mixing is required it can be easily done by spraying back into the tank and agitating the liquid.

Can I use bleach in the sprayer?

Bleach can be used in our sprayers in a 1-3 bleach to water ratio max. When using a bleach solution in the sprayer, it is important to rinse and flush the sprayer thoroughly after use to avoid causing damage to the pump diaphragm. Please see cleaning instructions on our Blog.

What products can be used in FlowZone sprayers?

There is an extremely vast list of products that are used across the industries that we serve, and this list continues to grow. While the majority of products work well with our sprayers, we do ask that our customers check the compatibility of the intended product with the wetted materials used in our sprayers (Viton, TPV, PVC, and polyethylene).

What do I do if my sprayer isn't working?

Please visit our troubleshooting page.

How can I extend the life of my sprayer?

There are a couple of good tips. First, clean your sprayer after each use! This is the most overlooked method to extend your sprayers life yet the cause of most early failures. Second, take care to not leave your sprayer outside in inclement weather or spray hose directed water toward the chamber containing the pump and electronics. While the battery door itself is waterproof and all the internal components are water resistant, excessive ingress of water can, over time, shorten your sprayer’s life. For cleaning directions, check out our blog post!

Can I use any nozzle with my FlowZone sprayer?

Any nozzle that meets minimum flow requirements. Using a nozzle with lower flow rates can cause damage and early failure to your sprayer’s pump. We also offer a Quick-Connect to 110º TeeJet Nozzle Adapter so you can use your choice of TeeJet nozzle.

Shipping & Handling

How is shipping calculated?

Sprayers and regular parts are shipped through UPS. Shipping rates are calculated based on shipping address and the weight of the order. Smaller accessory parts are shipped using flat rate USPS. The best way to get a shipping estimate is to initiate the checkout process and input your shipping address. No payment information is necessary at this step and you are not required to place an order. For more information, please email

How long will it take to process my order?

Processing times depend on order volume. Typically, orders require 24-48 to process.

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