introducing: concrete+

We believe in empowering all our users to get their work done quickly and efficiently. The power of spraying doesn't need to be difficult. Our battery powered sprayers give you the power to make the job easier.

With CONCRETE+, you can spray sealants, form release, curing compounds, and more! Save up to 33% of your operators' time by removing the need to stop and manually pump. Each CONCRETE+ sprayer is fabricated using chemical-resistant parts to ensure your sprayer performs under  demanding commercial conditions.

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construction worker using concrete+ sprayer to spray fresh concrete

The lineup

Concrete+ comes in four tank capacities, each comes standard with a reinforced nylon hose, rechargeable 18V lithium-ion battery, brass GHT connectors, and durable Viton® internal gaskets. Using a CONCRETE+ sprayer ensures constant pressure throughout a job and consistent, even application of chemicals.

FlowZone Concrete+ Storm 2.5 battery powered sprayer

Storm 2.5™ Concrete+

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FlowZone Concrete+ Typhoon 2.5 battery powered backpack sprayer

Typhoon 2.5™ Concrete+

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FlowZone Monsoon 2.5 battery powered rolling sprayer

Monsoon 2.5™ Concrete+

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the battery

Spraying projects just became effortless! There's no need to stop and manually pump with our battery powered sprayers.

Rated for up to 10,000 charge cycles, you can expect lossless performance from each FlowZone® battery. Housed within each battery are the incredible lithium-ion cells capable of powering your sprayer for up to three hours of continuous spraying.

Construction workers standing over a job site

Chemical Compatibility

Concrete+ sprayers are suitable for use with most common chemicals such as:

✓ Curing compounds
✓ Form oil/oleic acids
✓ Sealants
✓ Stains
✓ Pesticides
✓ BlastOff™
✓ & More!

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