Innovating towards a remarkable spraying experience.

Our unique battery-powered backpack sprayers serve a multitude of service professionals. We believe in empowering all our users to get their work done quickly and efficiently. We believe that power spraying doesn’t need to be difficult. Our battery powered sprayers give you the power to make the job easier.

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Our Brands

woman wearing an X-Stream Clean Microburst battery powered backpack sprayer in a bathroom

X-Stream Clean™

The ultimate tools to help you clean with confidence.

X-Stream Clean™ products are specifically designed to make sanitation and decontamination jobs faster and easier. With sub-100 micron level droplet size capability, X-Stream Clean™ is versatile enough for spraying indoors and out.

This lineup features compact sprayers that make navigating enclosed spaces a breeze. Meanwhile, with hours of battery life, you can work continuously without ever having to stop and pump.

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a 4-gallon Silica Slayer battery powered backpack sprayer sitting on the back of a pickup truck at night next to a cut saw

Silica Slayer™

The #1 OSHA Table 1 compliant solution in the industry.

Easily comply with OSHA silica regulations and protect your workers with the help of  Silica Slayer™! Each sprayer has the ability to attach to your tools, transforming them into wet-cutting saws and wet core drills in minutes. 

When no tools are attached, this sprayer is able to apply various solutions, including curing compound, with no manual pumping required!

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Man spraying a tree with a SprayMate Storm battery powered backpack sprayer


Making home projects more efficient and enjoyable

SprayMate™ was created with the intention to give everyday users access to the tools that professionals have been using for years to efficiently complete their work. Every homeowner or do-it-yourselfer now has the ability to complete spraying projects swiftly. Every homeowner or do-it-yourselfer now has the ability to complete spraying projects swiftly and smoothly. 

From watering your garden, fertilizing your lawn, sanitizing your home, treating for pests, to sealing your deck, SprayMate™ is here to help.

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FlowZone sprayers with a jug of GreenFire fire suppression foam


An innovative solution to fire protection and prevention.

FlameSlayer™ is formed through  a unique partnership between two companies dedicated to the well-being, safety, and preservation of lives, property and resources within your home, community, and company. 

When delivered through a FlowZone® sprayer, the organic, non-toxic, food-safe foam adheres to various types of material including petroleum and cellulose-based surfaces creating a protective barrier from flames.

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